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Horseback Riding Instruction

Want to learn to ride horseback? Want to learn to ride better? Now is the time!


The non-profit organization, Centaur Rising, offers horse riding lessons at Anchorage Farm near Denver year-round. 

riding lesson on Anchorage Farm's school horse, "Shade"Our school horses are beautiful and responsive. They are gentle, patient, well trained and KIND. Even pre-schoolers take riding lessons at Anchorage Farm.


Our instructors are sensitive to each person's unique style of learning. Hence, barriers normally associated with age, language, disabling conditions and previous fearful experiences are routinely overcome.


Dressage provides a solid foundation for all types of riding. We've had outstanding results and feedback from our students regardless of the equine specialty they go on to pursue.


If you live outside the Denver metro area, you can still take lessons at Anchorage Farm.  Stay in our B&B!  Some of the things you can learn are listed below:



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