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Immerse and Learn

The rate below includes breakfast and one riding lesson per day.  (Additional lessons can be scheduled at the usual rate.)



Overnight Immerse & Learn


$130 for one night

$240 for two nights

$340 for three nights

$460 for four nights


Your stay must be paid for in full by 12/31/17 and scheduled to take place before 3/1/18. 

When you make your reservation, please write "Immerse and Learn" in the notes.  Your rate will be adjusted accordingly.


End of Year Half-Price Stays

Stay one night and get the second one for FREE.  Must be paid for by 12/31/17 and scheduled to stay before 3/1/18.  Gift certificates available.



Lots of guests come to Anchorage Farm because they know that their significant other loves horses!  You don’t have to ride horses to stay at Anchorage Farm.  Some people just love watching them or being around them.  Take photos.  Groom and pet our horses.  Want to make a big hit with your horse lover?  Book a night or two at Anchorage Farm!  Check here for rates for riding lessons.


Horse Lovers' Slumber Party

Isn’t it time for a girls night out?  Leave the kids, husbands and jobs behind.  Enjoy the cool mountain air, wildflowers, flower gardens, places to relax and read.  Order a pizza!  Watch horse videos.  Ask questions.  Take riding lessons.  How many girlfriends can we handle?  We have one queen-sized bed, two king-sized bedsand an inflatable twin-sized mattress.  We also have a leather couch and love seat, two reclining chairs and a reclining love seat.  You decide.  If you rent the entire inn (three rooms), it’s $400/night midweek or $420/night weekends.  Check here for rates for riding lessons.


Options for the Younger Generation

The guests at Anchorage Farm Bed and Breakfast are, by and large, couples seeking a romantic getaway.  Often this means getting away from their own children.  This is why we discourage children as guests in the main part of the inn.

There are times, however, where the Bird Suite beckons horse lovers of the younger generation.  We only offer these specials to children who are interested in learning to ride. To book one of these getaways, please go to Check Availability.  When you make your reservation, just write in the notes what you want to do. If we have romantic-getway guests in the interior of the inn, we will serve you breakfast in the Bird Suite.


Mother-Daughter Getaways 

Horse crazy girls, who schedule riding lessons, are an exception to our “no kids” rule.   We reserve the Bird Suite for children traveling with one or more adults.  We can put an inflatable mattress in the sitting room.  Moms can ride too!  Watch horse videos and read horse books to your heart’s content!  Pet our horses.  Take photos.  Watch horse training and other riding lessons.  Groom horses.  What a great time to spend alone with your daughter!  Adult daughters need weekends with their mom’s too!!!

One night's stay, breakfast and one-hour lesson for one = $200.98;

with one-hour lesson for two = $235.98


Escape with Dad 

Dads need alone time with their daughters.  Why not share an experience that your daughter really cares about?  Watch videos.  Pet, groom and photograph our horses.  Buy some take-out for a picnic by the pond.  Take a walk in the woods.  Reserve an inflatable bed in the Bird Suite.  Relax in the hot tub. Some dads and daughters come back over and over again!  You can make this a tradition too.

One night's stay, breakfast and one-hour lesson for one = $200.98;

with one-hour lesson for two = $235.98


Sleep Over with Grandma

A grandmother knows when a little girl (or a teenager or even adult granddaughter) needs some extra love and pampering.  What could be a better than spiriting her away to a riding stable?  Snuggle up in the Bird Suite.  Watch every care melt away!

One night's stay, breakfast and one-hour lesson for one = $200.98;

with one-hour lesson for two = $235.98


Children may also participate in Horse Camp during their stay.  Check here for rates for riding lessons.  Check here for rates for multiple-night stays.  Click here to make room reservations.  Just write in the notes what you want to do.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call (303-838-5086) or e-mail







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