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Credit Cards Accepted

Rates for Horseback Riding Lessons

Rates for Individual Lessons


type of lesson*


private - 30 minutes


private - 45 minutes


private - 60 minutes


two people - 60 minutes


three or more people - 60 minutes


Rates for Blocks of Lessons


type of lesson

student's age



seat lessons**


30 min.

four for $200


uner age 7

45 min.

four for $220



60 min.

four for $240



60 min.

four for $160 each

beginner group


60 min.

four for $130 each

beginner group**


60 min.

eight for $240 each

intermediate to advanced group**


60 min.

eight for $200 each

Please go to our Horse Boarding page for lesson rates for boarders.  Consult also the rates for Centaur Rising's "After School at the Stable" and "Horse Camp" programs.


Policies for On-Going Lessons

  • There is no makeup for an individual if he/she misses a group or a couple’s lesson
  • Re-scheduling of a private lesson (or a couple’s or group lesson in its entirety) may be accommodated up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time.
  • Unless other specific arrangements have been made, all re-scheduling must take place within 90 days of the date of receipt of payment.
  • If you forget a lesson or fail to show up - without notice - within 15 minutes of your scheduled time, the riding lesson will be canceled and not re-scheduled.
  • Each student is allotted the stated number of minutes for a lesson - including getting the horse, tacking and un-tacking. If a lesson is started late because you are late, it will usually not be possible for you to ride beyond your scheduled time.
  • If the lessons for which you have paid do not work out for you, you may transfer your credits to another type of lessons or to another person. We do not give cash refunds.

Suggested Equipment

Any serious equestrian student should invest in the following:

  • boots with high tops and heels. Paddock boots are adequate for the growing child. Do not buy rubber hunt-seat-style boots. It is impossible to bend at the ankle and to get one's heels down - a critical element for safe riding.
  • riding pants. It is important to wear close-fitting stretchy pants. Jeans chafe at the knees. Breeches may be purchased second-hand or at a reasonable price at local tack stores. Leggings are great.
  • close fitting knit shirt or sweater. It is important that the instructor see the profile of your upper body. Baggy shirts, coats or sweaters short-change you on the full benefit of your lesson.
  • riding helmet. We require all children to wear ASTM-approved equestrian helmets. Again, check with your local tack shop. We have helmets to borrow until you can buy one.
  • gloves. Any gloves suitable for driving a car tend also to be good for riding. You need not buy expensive riding gloves. Isotoner-type gloves, inexpensive knit gloves, or thin pliable goatskin/deerskin gardening gloves will suffice.

Now put on all your new stuff and come learn to ride!

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