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Horse Vacations


Half-Price Special:

"Immerse and Learn"



Overnight Immerse & Learn


$130 for one night

$240 for two nights

$340 for three nights

$460 for four nights




When you make your reservation by clicking "Reserve" above, type "Immerse & Learn" in the "Additional Information" section .  Your rate will be adjusted when your reservation is processed.  Only then will your card be charged according to the above schedule for the number of nights selected..
You may also call 303-838-5430.
Your stay must be scheduled to occur between 11/1/17 and 3/1/18 and be paid for in full at time of booking.
Limited availability.  Gift certificates available.


You can come away with a lot if you focus on learning at Anchorage Farm! 

owner learning to train her own draft-cross at Anchorage FarmWe have eleven school horses from which to learn.  They can teach you the basics.   They can teach you more advanced movements.  They can help you to better understand the challenges you face with your own horse at home.  Observe the Training Pyramid in action!

We are small enough to tailor a learning program just for you.  What are your goals?  What are your frustrations?  We guarantee you will take home the tools for greater insight with your work at home.

Or bring your own horse with you to stay overnight at Anchorage Farm!  He can enjoy his own comfy stall while you enjoy the hot tub and feather bed at Anchorage Farm B&B.

Maybe you are just beginning to ride.  Maybe you're not sure if you want to pursue riding at all.  No problem.  You will have a most memorable and enjoyable time at Anchorage Farm!

"Black Mountain" just north of Anchorage FarmIf you bring a human companion, please include the time to bond with him/her.  It doesn't matter if he/she is a beginner, an accomplished rider or professes no interest whatsoever in horses.  Share your passion – to whatever extent he/she wants to be involved.  No worries.  There are many other activities for him/her to enjoy.

If you really want to immerse yourself in learning, we have an extensive video and library. Take your own videos.  Learn by Colorado state flower, the columbineobserving your own riding.  Watch other lessons and horse training.  Ask lots of questions.

Soak in your in-room jacuzzi.  Get a massage.  Enjoy a night on the town.  Don’t forget to take in the views of our beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains - including a walk in our pristine woods, while you enjoy our wildflowers.

Relax.  Calm your body.  Calm your mind.  Absorb all the beauty around you.  You deserve it!

For those who wish a more structured program, please check out our Dressage Camps.

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