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Dressage for Any Horse

Dressage means “training” in French.  It’s a methodical system based upon hundreds of years of fine tuning.  It’s designed to improve the horse, prolong his useful life and render him not only obedient but comfortable to ride.

trail ride at Anchorage FarmDressage was used to train all of horses we used for twelve years as outfitter guides in six wilderness areas.  It was used to train the horses we have used to teach over 2000 students since 1981.

Many people who inquire about riding lessons say they “don’t want to show”.  Dressage is not about competing against others.  It’s not about the clothes you wear.  It’s a system of training.  It’s a means by which we have been teaching people to train their own horses for 40 years!

Calm your body.  Calm your mind.  Take riding lessons!

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