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Are You Ready for a Warmblood Horse?

horseback riding lessons at Anchorage Farm

by Kris Cooper

If you have paid attention to the results of dressage competitions, you have observed that the vast majority of horses who excel in dressage are warmblood horses.  This is due to the rigorous breeding and training standards of our European international competitors.

Although theoretically a warmblood is a mixture of a draft (cold-blooded) and thoroughbred or Arabian (hot-blooded) breeding, don’t think that you can just breed one yourself.  The Europeans have been perfecting these breeds for hundreds of years.

The owners of Anchorage Farm have imported eleven horses from Germany and have worked with two other German warmbloods imported by others.  We have learned a lot of what is required of both our students and of us as trainers.  We have learned over and over again – as with any horse – the problem lies not with the horse, but with the rider’s lack of suppleness, strength, confidence, feeling, timing and true understanding of the "Training Pyramid".

first eight German horses

If you think you “know how to ride”, an imported warmblood horse will humble you.  If you respect your trainer, but he/she has no experience with warmbloods, a warmblood horse will humble him/her.  The horses are big.  Their gaits are big.  They don’t generally have a “go” button like our American horses.

If you are considering the purchase of a warmblood horse, come first to Anchorage Farm.  Stay for a while in our B&B.  We will answer your questions.  We will assess your riding skills.  We will help you to determine if you are ready to ride a warmblood.  If appropriate, you may take lessons on one or more of our imported German horses.  You may take seat lessons on a variety of our European horses to learn to ride their “big gaits”.

Learn about the differences in conformation, temperament and trainability.  Learn to assess when a horse has been trained correctly and when he has not.

Unlike other stables you might visit, we are not in the business of selling you a horse.  None of our horses are for sale.  Stables that are in the business of selling you a horse may convince you that you are ready to own the horse they have for sale.  They want to sell you a horse!

If you buy such a horse, however; who will help you with him/her at home?  Does your trainer have a proven track record with warmbloods?  Don’t you need a totally objective, unbiased assessment of whether this decision is right for you?

Please take a look at our learning vacations.  If your traveling companion is not a horse lover, he/she can still have an interesting and satisfying vacation at Anchorage Farm.  We are located in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Summers are relatively cool.  It’s a paradise for nature lovers, sightseers and adventure seekers.  Calm your body.  Calm your mind.  Restore yourself and your relationship.  Take a vacation at Anchorage Farm!

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Calm your body.  Calm your mind.  Take riding lessons!


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