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Horse Boarding

Anchorage Farm has cared for the horses of local horse owners continuously since 1981.  Our boarders usually evolve from our riding lesson program.  Often a student eventually wants to own his/her own horse.  We don’t broker the sale of horses nor do we sell horses, but we do help our students evaluate a prospect that he/she has found.  Click here for a brochure entitled, “Tips on Buying Your First Horse”.

Our strength lies in helping the horse owner to get off on the right foot, to become a partner with his/her horse.  We regard horse ownership as a project, much like marriage.  No matter what horse you buy or how much you spend, you still need to develop a partnership with him.

We do not board horses for people who are not involved in our lesson program.  Our initial board rate includes four private riding lessons per month.  More lessons can be added to this basic rate at a nominal fee.  (See rates below.)




We do not require that boarded horses be trained by us.  However, it is often helpful if the horse is involved, at least initially, in full or part-time training.  The rates of sessions/week are the same regardless of whether the trainer rides the horse or the student takes a lesson (or a combination of the two).

We offer 10x10 matted box stalls in a relatively warm, fully enclosed, barn.  Our rates include daily stall cleaning and bedding, daily turnout, putting blankets on and off.  Each horse receives an individualized feed program.  Jim is adamant that he is the only one who does the feeding - so that the horse’s condition is inspected by a knowledgeable horse person at least twice daily.  We feed top-quality hay and pelleted horse feed.  Owner-supplied supplements are included at no extra charge.

Doug Jones, who has over thirty years of horse experience, supervises turnout and stall cleaning.  We endeavor to turn each horse out with one or more compatible other horses because we feel that the social interaction is vital to the horse’s emotional wellbeing.  However, we are extremely careful about the safety of the situation.  If no compatible corral mates can be found, private turn out is provided at no extra charge.

Except in the case of inclement weather, every horse is turned out every day, all day – 9-6 in the summertime, 10-3pm in the winter.  We endeavor to bring the horses into their stalls if the weather is perceived to be uncomfortable for them – particularly in the case of driving snow or rain or especially freezing rain.  Horses are always brought to shelter in the event of threatening thunderstorms.

Boarders have access to a 50x100’ indoor riding arena.  A woodstove provides a comfortable observation spot for anyone accompanying a rider.  Our tacking area is heated.  Tack storage is enclosed.

The indoor arena is usually free on Sundays and Mondays, since we generally do not offer riding lessons on those days.  (See our Events schedule for clinics and shows on Sundays.)  Boarders can also usually ride when other lessons are in session.  Boarders have access to our 20x60 meter outdoor arena and to trails that originate from our facility.  As outfitter guides for 12 years, Jim and Kris have intimate knowledge of local National Forest Service and Jefferson County Open Space trails.  One must trailer his horse, however, to access these trailheads.

We take pride in starting horse owners with their first horse.  Many have gone on to open their own boarding stables and to professionally train horses themselves.  Our former students have excelled in a variety of disciplines.  We regard dressage as the foundation for all sorts of riding you might wish to pursue – even, and especially, if you just want to ride down the road or down a trail.  It’s not as easy as one might assume!

Please call or e-mail if you wish to visit our facility.  Visitors are always welcome.  Calling first will just insure that someone is available to visit with you.  Please come!


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