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Policies at our B&B


Reservation Policy
To reserve your room, we require full advance payment for one-night stays and a 50% deposit for multiple-night stays. We accept all major credit cards. Your payment/deposit is refundable up to two weeks in advance of the scheduled stay. (Parties reserving multiple rooms need to advise us 30 days in advance of their stay for a refund.)  We are sorry; but no shows, early departures and late cancellations will be charged in full.

You may check in between 4 and 7:00 PM. (Please advise us if you plan to be earlier or later than this timeframe.)  A full gourmet breakfast is customarily served at 8:00 AM.  Please let us know if you require an earlier or later breakfast. Check-out is at noon.

Horseback Riding
We offer riding lessons at Anchorage Farm.  If you pay for your lesson when your reservation is made, you will be better assured that a time is reserved for you.

Anchorage Farm is home to three dogs - Bessie, Ellie and Maggie; two outdoor cats and fifteen horses.  In our effort to create a peaceful stay for all of our guests, we do not generally accommodate pets as overnight guests.  Please check if we can make an exception on the date(s) you want to come. 

Our typical guests are young couples seeking a time together away from their own children. Since our B&B is small and the tranquility and privacy of our guests is very important to us, we do not generally accept children as guests.  A young person who comes to Anchorage Farm to improve his/her riding skills may stay in the Bird Suite if one or more adults accompanies him/her. We are slso able to accommodate children if a party reserves all three rooms.

There is no smoking in the inn or in the barns. You may smoke outside.  Please exercise all caution if there is an ongoing fire danger.

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